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We are a small husband & wife team based in Auckland who just want to earn extra bucks by taking your money and giving you awesome apparel in return. 

Sure we don’t have large, fancy equipment and shops like the big boys do. So we make up for it by giving you a truly personalised service, from helping you choose the right garment to working with you throughout the design process. Notice our extended business hours? That shows how (desperate we are to have your business) much we value you as a customer. 

Still don’t trust us? Then see what our SEVEN extremely happy and grateful customers had to say:


"I highly recommend this business." Rochelle, Dunedin

"Great communication and on point with what I requested." Apia, Auckland

"Thank you so much! Amazing service!" Kyliee, Invercargill

"I am so impressed with the quality of the hoodies and t-shirts I have received. I did my own designs and loved the final results. Thank you so much."        Naima, Putaruru


"You have done a great job and we definitely recommend your services to all. Thanks again from Blue Jay U12." Sarah, Invercargill


"Thank you so much you are amazing!" Toni, Gisborne


"Thanks for once again delivering great service." Terrie, Cambridge


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